Origin Edit

FireSpartan176 first arrived at because, he was bored. He often lurked the Halo 3 forum, still not making an account until late January, 2009. After more lurking, he finally stopped being a pansy and posted in the Halo 3 Forum. For many months he stayed there, until he discovered The Flood Forum...

Personality Edit

He can often act like a smart ass, and often uses many memes, preferably the " I think X is pretty cool guy...." and his favorite, "lol  lrn2X". He can always get a tad annoying, but you learn to except him. It's a way of life.

Reputation Edit

He doesn't have much of a reputation, but is somewhat known for his kick ass coup, an Epic Box themed style. Many "posers" have copied him but he is the original, as far as he knows.

Brief History Edit

He came up with the title, Epic Box of very shortly after his introduction to the awesomest thing since sliced bread, coup. He added the extension, Ditto's trainer, after his victory over the over-powered pokemon. He now rarely shows his face in the forums; he stays in the safety of one of his groups...

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