Fanfic, or Fanfiction is the term used for stories that are unofficial canon in the Halo Universe. These stories are essentially written by the fans. Fanfiction has grown tremendously since the announcement of Halo 2, and continues to grow well into the speculation of Halo 3. When there are rumours and speculation about, there are bound to be fan ideas, and eventually fanfiction.

Fanfiction has long been a part of's Forums. Often the forums of both the regular site, and the site's subsection, the 7th Column are filled with fanfiction. It is a growing trend on the site, and continues to gain recognition. In fact, many websites now hold 'Halo Fanfiction Contests'.


Fanfiction took a large spike during the year before and after Halo 2's release which can be directly attributed to a few members who pushed the limits and really garnered attention both on the site's public forums and in the realm of the 7th Column groups,

They Include: (List Incomplete)

  • Sir_Brilliant (Author)
  • Papa John (Author)
  • Scorptank (Author)
  • FlameSama1 (Author)
  • EAGLES5 (Supporter)
  • Mr Clark (Author)


Fanfiction today has bottomed out. The new is online and groups are back, yet Fanfiction is not. It seems that there are very few places to explore in the universe for budding authors at this point in time. Halo 3 has closed off much of the main storyline and has left little to the imagination. On the whole, it seems as if most authors are burned out with little new content making any impact on either the public forums or the Seventh Column groups. Upon inspection of the Halo 3 forum, only a few fanfictions are occasionally seen on the first few pages. One such example is DIG IN: The Jericho VII Conflict.

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