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Motto "Join us and Burn down your opponents! Leave your enemies left in ashes! Scorch the world and leave it scarred! You have a destiny with us... Welcome to Everburn..."
Members 164 (As of 8/12/2010)
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Everburn is an open chapter on created by SPARTAN Roy on 9/03/2009. The groups theme is fire, although they also like to use pizza as a theme/meme. The forum is open discussion, and the group occasionally celebrates holidays such as "Papparazzi Day". They have a gameday every two weeks on a Friday, which usually consists of Halo 3.

Group HistoryEdit

Now for Everburn's history, Everburn is a gamer organization that offers it's members free stuff, loves fire, is run by a madman pyro fanatic, is obsessed with power, has it's own steps to taking control of the world, loves pizza, loves cookie dough, is located in a volcano and much more...

Everburn isn't one for contests, but they do have a bunch of forum games, and pinned topics for member stories, screenshots, etc.

The gamedays are every 2 weeks on a Friday and are called "Blazing Brawls" if you are interested for time information and such, contact SPARTAN Roy.

Notable MembersEdit


Notable MembersEdit

Group TitlesEdit

Member Ranks:

  • Ash - member has been deemed unworthy.
  • Ember - Basic member.
  • Flame - active for a month OR you recruited 8 people.
  • Ablaze - Active for 4 months OR you have recruited 15 people.
  • Blazing Soldier - for 6 months straight OR you have recruited 30 people.
  • Inferno - Must be Active for 12 months (a Whole year) AND recruited 10 people or more.
  • Flaming Tempest - Must be Active for 24 months (TWO whole year) AND recruited 20 people ore more

Staff Ranks:

  • TBB Manager - The Manager of The Blazing Brawls
  • White Flame - moderator
  • Warlord or Everburn - Leader of Clan/Weaker Moderator
  • Earl of Everburn - 2nd in command
  • Duke of Everburn - Founder


Link to Group Home Page.

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