"We need a madness to the method!"

Real LifeEdit

Erikster is currently in school, and has strong interests in Physics, Math, and Programming. However, he isn't too bad with the guitar, nor with the film editor. and EriksterEdit

Erikster avatar

Erikster's current BNet avatar

Join Date: 7/3/2007


Erikster is an active member of After three years, he has seen the best and worst of the site. He currently participates in the Flood and Community forums, as well as a few private groups.


Erikster was a part of 118 during its rise, and he stood to the side as it fell. He was invited initially by BF through a private message. He attracted attention to himself through several walls in the Community Forum. He continued his tradition of wall making as 118 thrived, and published a montage for the group. He eventually reached the ranking of Alumni in the group, and he achieved Heroic status on the Mains. However, 118 would fall to the wayside taking Erikster with it.

Inactivity TimesEdit

Plagued by difficult schoolwork and the fall of 118, Erikster became inactive for long periods of time.

Revival and CurrentEdit

Erikster was brought back to Bnet as his workload at school dropped and the highly anticipated Halo: Reach Beta was released. He began posting again. chubbz, one of the predominant members of 118, invited him to the ODST Expeditionary Force. Erikster currently plays and posts frequently with OEF. He even released an Montage for them.

Bnet AchievementsEdit

Erikster wrote several hot topics and walls, including a series of random tips for Halo 3. His artwork has appeared on the front page two times. The first was his screenshot entitled "Sad Grunt." The second was his Coup image posted on the front page as a part of the All Stars challenge for Bnet avatars. Recently, he became a Mythic Member of the site.

Machinima CareerEdit

Although small and slow, Erikster has released a few videos on YouTube under the name EmperorErikster. He has a few clips of wins and fails. His larger projects include his own montage and the 118 montage he created. He released a montage for OEF as well. Cooperating with some RL friends, Erikster has released a couple commentaries on YouTube.

Gamertag and RL stuffEdit

Erikster only has one GT. Erikster. He doesn't hand out his personal information lightly and only allows people to know he is from Oregon. He does not hand out his Facebook page.


  • OEF
  • 118
  • Coup ď Bungie
  • Minecrafters
  • The Enlightened Ones


Erikster's profile

Erikster's YouTube Page

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