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Elites of the Covenant is a off-topic(or in fancier terms, FFA) active Elite group (or in fancier terms, a chapter) founded by the art of halo2. The group is lead by 3 people: the art of halo2, Da 100th Arbiter, and DerTrommler12873. Back when EOTC was just made, it was inactive and had few members. But thanks to a successful recruiting system and some loyal members, EOTC managed to get active and go past the 100 member mark. Today, EOTC is still active and looking for members.


Founded on July 22, 2006 by The art of halo2, the group took off soon after creation, the member count rose to ten members; some of them were The art of halo2, Da 100th Arbiter, another leader and FlamNiplz the 3rd leader. Soon there were about 20 members. The group primaraly focused on off-topic and Halo 3 chatter, as well as some multiplayer chatter. Activity was high and everyone loved the group; it hit about 30 members august when blink348 joined. About a week or so later, Flamniplz basicaly left the group and went inactive. About a week later Blink started recruiting like crazy, bringing in 15 members. The member count stayed at 45 for a while. People basically spent time in the group talking and doing the other fun things the group had. The group hit 60 members in Decemberl; unfortunatly on December 24 blink348 left The art of halo2 recruited like mad, getting 100 members by January. Soon after that in late January, blink348 returned to bungie. The member count jumped to 120. Activity was high and the group was thought of as awesome. Then their was the New Hawtness in March; after it applied for groups, everything came back to normal.

Post New HawtnessEdit

Post new hawtness, the group is doing well, member count at an all time high, activity high as always. Currently their is an abundance of hot topics and large discussion threads.

In fictionEdit

In the HA Story, the EOTC is described as a "lethal" gang in The Human Alliance that will "kill anybody who stands in their way." The EOTC goes on a rampage throughout the majority of the Story, killing several people including a close friend of dogbert14. The Art of Halo2 is killed in the first chapter of Part Four by dogbert. Viggy is portrayed as a main leader that orders the hit on dogbert's friend. He is caught in the end of Part Four but is deported to Mjolnir Battle Tactics by the HA Congress. Dogbert and FlameSama1 follow Viggy to MBT, and there dogbert stabs Viggy to death with the EOTC bosses own energy sword.

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