Elites That Smash
Group Overview
Founded 2009
Admin more baconpower
Motto None
Members 289
Clan Tag None
Group Link

History Edit

Well Elites that Smash is an Elite group, but we do accept spartan's. Were not addicted to elites just love em. :P. We grow fast and have over 200 members. Example of our progress: We had a 100 members under a month. Hope you join and enjoy the group! :)

When they fall we shall stand tall. When they walk we shall run. When all of there hope is lost, we shall Smash them to the ground!

General Edit

  • Well ETS has great and active Forums.
  • Were relaxed, fun and cool to be around.
  • We have a great Ranking System.
  • You wont find a better Elite group.
  • Great Mods.
  • We have are own Chatbox
  • We have lots of Forum games!

Titles Edit

Regular Ranks Edit

- Elite Minor

- Elite Major

- Elite Ultra

- Elite Ranger

- Stealth Elite

- Zealot

- Supreme Commander

Middle Ranks Edit

- Honor Guard

- Honor Guard Ultra

Highest Rank Edit

Note: This is the Highest Member rank.

Mod Rank Edit

Note: Only can be 4 of this rank. If you are inactive you will be demoted. For more info on their ranks,Click Here!!

Links Edit

Elites that Smash <-------- Link To our Group!

Our Logo <-------- Its Amazing.

Elite Tribute <---------- Long Live the Elites.

Forge Divison <------- We have a forge Divison :)

Chatbox <----- Talk with us.

Group Info <-------- Every thing about us

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