Elite0007 (member since 3.17.2006) is currently an Intrepid Mythic Member who is known throughout for his group activities and cooperations.

After dumstrucked by a first-person shooter video game, Halo: Combat Evolved, he went on to join the community to get more out of Bungie developers. Just two weeks into his membership, he then began to find groups of his interests and began his group careers there in Halo Mofia (referred to as Halo Mafia). He became truly loyal to the group and the adminstrator found high trusts in him promoting him to temporary rank with full control over the group. Moderators, worried about this, watched very closely to this new promotion whom seem to don't trust him and failed to prove his fake loyal. After being demoted to a regular member rank, he was then promoted to a high ranking position for his loayalty to the group and there began his own group.


Elite0007, known for high group loyalty, chose the name based off a character species in the Halo trilogy, 'Elite'. The '0007' (ntoice how there is three not two) refrence is to another character of another video game, 007 series, with character name James Bond (also known as 007 or double O' seven). He was a big fan of the two, but chose to add an extra '0' to the numbers. After joining the community, he began a journey of which has not ended yet.


Elite0007 is affiliated with numerous groups and groups of his own, but some of his group he attened could not be determined:

  • The Halo Mofia
  • The Templar
  • The Elite Force 0007
  • Halo Fighters
  • The Spartan Force 911
  • The Elite Armada
  • The Zealots
  • The 510st United
  • Thee Warriors
  • The Chapter Gamers
  • The Havoc Corps
  • ODST Content Alliance VI
  • SAS Halo3
  • Classified Gamers
  • Bungie Nobles
  • Mythic Sangheilis
  • Project X Operation
  • Spartans 94th Division
  • The Bungie Podcast
  • The Flood Movie
  • The Hôly Council
  • The Spartan Program III
  • GPOL09
  • Halo WarMachines
  • Sangheili Army
  • Shadow Reapers
  • The 64th Militia
  • The Police Station
  • The Spartan I Project
  • Blue Sage Customs
  • The Havoc Corps
  • Best Uber Fails

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