~ Eeeeeagle's Philosophical Words.

Real LifeEdit

Eeeeeagle, sometimes known simply as Eagle, is an Australian from Sydney, Australia. He spends

Eeeeeagle's current avatar.

his days wrestling the hazardous Australian wildlife, and visiting Video Game forums. He plays Football, becaus he's so manly, and plays Guitar. He absolutely loves chicken, and could eat it all day. Often unable to stop himself from breaking out into song, he suffers from dudewhywon'tthatguyjustshutuptitis, which can cause his friends to loathe his company. He is also a gifted dancer, some considering him the greatest in the Universe. He is a brony, but everyone knows he's only in it for the Alligators. LifeEdit

Eeeeeagle is an active member of both the Off-Topic: The Flood forum and the MLP Friendship is magic private group. He is often seen in The Flood, not taking anything seriously. He has been active for a little over a year now, and has earned the Fabled Member rank. While he is not necessarily popular on The Flood, he is often recongnized by a small group of users. He has often derailed threads, usually to fight over his fellow Bungie.Net user, A Stolen Fruit.

Bungie GamesEdit

Eeeeeagle plays Halo Reach with his friends regularly. He attends "Gamenights", held by the MLP Friendship is magic private group, in which he is frequently the loudest person attending. He can usually be heard yelling out quotes from "Half Life: Full Life Consequences", or singing. He's not the greatest of players, but he is competent enough that his teammates don't get too annoyed with him...usually.


  • "K"
  • "Gummy is best poni"
  • "Dear God in Heaven!"
  • "I'll get you back, Evil Boss!"
  • "Wut"
  • "Well, ok then!"

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