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General Edit

The purpose of this group(before the fighting between the admins of the group caused it to become a "dead group") was to discuss Halo 3's upcoming campaign.

Group History Edit

Earths Battle Field is a group that was founded by Simon 5000. It has (suggested by it's name) been a bit of a battlefield. TheLightOfSpeed took it over. It then became a democracy. TOM T 117, SIMON 5000's arch-enemy took over the group and gave the control back to SIMON 5000 who booted Tom T 117 and transformed the group into a "museum" where nobody can do anything but view old threads.

Group TitlesEdit

  • Master Chief - Admin
  • Humpday Coordinator - Creates and sets up games
  • Gravemind - Moderator and Team Leader
  • The Prophet of Truth - Moderator and Team Leader
  • The Artbiter - Moderator and Team Leader
  • Marine - Normal Member
  • Elite - Normal Member
  • Flood Infection Form - Normal Member
  • Brute - Normal Member
  • Sergeant - Higher Member
  • Golden Elite - Higher Member
  • Flood Combat Form - Higher Member
  • Brute Chieftian - Higher Member

Community ContributionsEdit



Link to groups Home Page.

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