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EAGLES5 is a rather well-known member of, and his account was created on 12.12.2004. He posts mostly in the Bungie Community forum, and is active almost daily. He is a member of several chapters, and is a Moderator in Yoozel's Gamers Anon group. His title (as of 8.20.2011) is Fabled Mythic Member -- a rather difficult status to achieve -- and loves being one of the few Mythic members on Bnet.


Eagles joined after the release of Halo 2, for the sole purpose of reading the fan fiction that would be available for reading on the site. After viewing the site in its entirety and noticing what it had to offer, Eagles stayed on for private chapters such as Mjolnir Battle Tactics and the vehement debates in Body Politic. He was once issued a permanent ban when a user with the name EAGLE5S spammed the Community Forum; when the Moderator in question realized the mistake, the permaban was immediately revoked.

In Real LifeEdit

In the real world Eagles is from the Philadelphia area, but lives in Wyoming most of the time studying agriculture and working on a ranch. When he is not on the forums it is usually because he is working somewhere without Internet access. EAGLES5 is a hardcore Republican, and a fan of the Tea Party. He was born in 1988, and likes to drink... a lot.


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