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DieByMyHand (YourUncleBob)


Joined January 25, 2005. Audio Director for Whisper Game Studios, founded fall 2008 by CAVX and Sonicjohn.

The argument is still widespread determining whether DieByMyHand is a turd sandwich or a giant douche. Regarding the issue, he himself, can be found on the fence. He’s been quoted as saying, “I believe, therefore I am, either a giant douche or a turd sandwich,” and "At times I find myself siding with the turd sandwiches though I was brought up a strict giant douche."

While each have distinct advantages and disadvantages, members of one side typically find the others detestable, contemptible, or vile. Not knowing where one belongs in society can lead to troublesome identity crises. It is also thought the company with which one surrounds themselves greatly influences their tendency to affiliate with one extreme or the other. Thankfully for DieByMyHand, Bungiepedia was founded to help resolve such crises.

He will openly admit to being an ass of the Exalted Mythic variety, and for some unknown reason, he's damn proud of it.



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