The word "demon" can refer to:

  • The Dreaming God - the player's primary enemy in Pathways Into Darkness, referred to as a demon in some official descriptions of the game[citation needed].
  • A Wraith - one of a species of invisible creatures introduced on the level "A Plague of Demons" in Pathways.[1]
  • The boss of the level "Ok, Who Else Wants Some?" in Pathways, who may be a manifestation or avatar of the awakening Dreaming God. The Pathways Hint Book refers to this character as "the Flaming Smokey Dude".[2] An early draft of the book referred to him as "Deceit".[3]
  • A W'rkncacnter - a powerful chaos being in the Marathon universe. The Dreaming God may have been a W'rkncacnter.
  • The Iron Demon - an enemy which was intended to appear in Oni, but [?which] was removed before the game's release, presumably due to time and budget limitations.
  • A Spartan - one of an army of cyborg soldiers in the Halo universe who members of the Covenant refer to as "demons".
  • The Spartan Master Chief John-117 - one of the central characters of the Halo series, who the Covenant call "the Demon".

Other references to demons Edit

In Pathways Into Darkness, one of the artifacts the player can find is a vial which originally contained what one of the characters referred to as "the essence of an imprisoned demon".

Oni's title is a reference to a demon-like creature in Japanese folklore.[citation needed]

In the second of the Cortana Letters, Cortana says that she's been having dreams of "a Demon folded in black clouds".[4] Hamish Sinclair noted that this description matches Deceit's appearance. However, the letters are non-canon relative to the current version of Halo's universe.

In Halo 3's announcement trailer, the apparently merged Cortana/Gravemind being states: "I have defied gods and demons."[5] The game's release may reveal who this refers to.

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