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A Dead Group is a Group on that has little or no "activity" (posting, content, or news updates). The term does not have a hard-and-fast definition, but rather is a matter of opinion. Although everyone would agree that a group with zero posts or other content for the last three months is dead, opinions might vary as to whether a group with only a few posts per week is actually "dead" or not. Ultimately, it is a matter of an individual's own opinion.

It is undisputed, however, that the vast majority of Groups on are indeed "dead," containing zero or few posts in months. This can be attributed to the ease of creating a group and their proliferation on among a relatively small handful of users. As of May, 2007, only 5.68% of all active users on were members of a group. (source) (this number is speculated to have increased after the popularity of Iris and CompoundIntelligence).

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