Dark_Farlane is a member of who joined on November 28th of 2011. His main goal is to lurk and note on's The Flood users. His biggest objective is to one day become a Moderator at the main forums. He is known to kept changing his Coup. He is known for hating 9gag, 4chan /b/ lurker, a furry and brony and the editor of the Sociopaths United group page.


His old Reach emblem before he linked it to a dummy account.


  • He has approx. 5 websites all with .tk and made with 000webhost
  • Learning to play the Hofner Violin Bass
  • Most favorite album of all time is Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • He is a big Beatles fan
  • Despite being in many language classes, he doesn't know how to speak French, Greek, and Spanish
  • Left the group Sociopaths United as of August 8th of 2012.

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