The user on this page is a Employee. For details and for a list of Bungie Employees, click here.
The Bungie Employee featured in this article is Old Skool.


Nickname: fooz

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: Single Player Mission Designer

Origin: Lynden, WA

Blood Type: Red

Age: 28

Weight: Varies on scale

Height: 5'10"

Hair: Yes

First Job: Used Game Store

Hobby: Work

Ultimate Halo Match: Shotties on Lockout

Ultimate Snack: Trident Original Flavor with Xylitol

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: Depends on the day

Fake Weapon: wut


I started in the industry in Public Relations, Quality Assurance, Information Systems and furniture moving. I tried my hand in design and haven’t looked back. I’m fond of hackysack, racquetball, BBQ grilling, hanging out with my wife and friends.


Link to Meet the Team

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