Trademarked version of the Crimson font/logo.


The Crimson title page on the Apple iPad.

Crimson Background:

"Crimson" is a turn-based pirate warfare strategy game for iPad. Crimson was the first project to be launched under the Bungie Aerospace partnership program. The game is developed by Seattle-based developer Harebrained Schemes and published by Bungie Aerospace. also provides stats, various online support tools, and discussion forums for Crimson.

Because the title "Crimson" was trademarked by Bungie, not by Harebrained, it was previously speculated to be the name of an upcoming Bungie title. This rumor, however, was proven false by an official Bungie press release.

Crimson the Game:

Crimson is currently available for the iPad and iPad2 only. It is speculated and has been suggested by Bungie employees (but not officially confirmed at this time) that further updates will likely make the game available for other mobile devices and, perhaps, PC and/or consoles.

Command your fleet and your Steampunk crew using an elegant action interface. Crimson: Steam Pirates' turn-based gameplay provides an addicting mixture of strategy and action as you anticipate your enemies' moves and counter them, luring them into a deadly hail of weapons fire while uncovering the mystery brewing in the Caribbean.

Crimson launched on September 1, 2011 as a free download for any iPad user. There are two game modes: "sagas" (single player missions) and "duels" (local two-player competitive games). The first "chapter" of sagas titled "Tales of Captain Blood: Chapter 1" is included with the free download and contains eight missions. Additional chapters are available via in-game purchase. "Tales of Captain Blood: Chapter 2" has been released for $1.99 and "Tales of Captain Blood: Chapter 3" is listed as "Coming Soon" (as of October 2011).

The duels included with the free download include "VIP Defense" (defend a helpless ship against enemy attack) and "Shipwreck" (race to rescue shipwrecked crews and use their abilities to defeat the enemy). Additional duels are listed as "Coming Soon." In the duels, players take turns setting up their moves, handing off the device to the other player once finished . After each player has set up their ships' moves for the next turn, the turn plays out those moves simultaneously.

For more information about Crimson check out its offical page on


Previous Sources Containing Speculation (Before June 30, 2011 Announcement)

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