Community Joes are a community run version of Average Joes in which active and know users are interviewed by the community for the community. They are posted every fortnight on Fridays in the Community Forum. The official fan page can be found here.


Community Joes were set up on the 28th of March 2011 by Clone Outcast, since then he has built up a good foundation and has had great success with the Interviews and the Group. In 2012 two members of the group ECOH Cam and ARBITOR 5 were given the task of creating and posting the Community Joes as Clone Outcast was on 'study leave'.

The Anniversary Special banner

On the 28th an anniversary interview special with Yoozel was posted by Arbitor 5 in the Community Forum with an embeded banner also made by Arbitor 5 edited in by DeeJ.

In 2013 the Project closed down due to a number of reasons however later returned on

Community Joes GroupEdit

A group was set up for storing and preparing the interviews, it is also a place for feedback and where polls are made in order to choose the next interview. As of Febuary the 2nd 2012 the group had 68 Members.

List of Community JoesEdit

Season 1

Intermission - Season 2

Intermission - Season 3

Intermission - Season 4

Intermission - Season 5

Staff, Reporter, and ModeraterEdit


Link to Community Joes Group.

Official Fan Page

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