Goal: To seek the breast of darkness, and be suckled by the night.

~ Louis Wu on life

Louis Wu's Bnet Avatar and Halo 2 Emblem

Real LifeEdit

Louis Wu is the master of antics and trickery over at HBO,'s Halo-specific branch. Managing a Halo board without a run-of-the-mill moderator staff would ordinarily be a challenge that even Senor Leche would cringe at. However, the HBO forum generally handles herself pretty well, with the assistance of KP and the mysterious Badmin.

Louis Wu's real name is Claude Errera. He is known to host the occasional LAN party at his home in the remote rainforests of Connecticut, which are attended by Bungie fans and even some employees on occasion.

Louis Wu's most recent community project has been the Halo 3 Zune giveaway, which featured four submission categories and tons of machinima. LifeEdit

Louis Wu joined on 11/16/2001. While not particularly active on Bnet, Louis Wu is very active managing his website HBO.


Links Edit

Louis Wu's Bnet Profile
KP's Intervwu
Louis Wu's HBO Profile

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