Certain Affinity is a fairly new video game company based in Austin, Texas. Their mission is "to create innovative action-oriented games set in immersive worlds". Official Website

The LeadershipEdit

The president and CEO of Certain Affinity is Max Hoberman. Max is a long-time Bungie veteran who left the company to fulfill his dream of starting his own game studio. While he was at Bungie, Max supervised the development of pretty much everything: the entire online system, maps, gameplay, user interface, and multiplayer elements.
Hoberman is currently working with Paul Issac (Engineering Lead), David Bowman (Lead Designer) and Martin Galway (operations manager and audio director, as well as the authority on all things British), as well as a complement of artists and designers from many other corners of the gaming world such as Bungie, Microsoft, Red Storm, Origin, EA, Digital Anvil, and NCSoft.


Bungie's Media CoverageEdit

Sketch supplied us with an interview with Max just recently. (If you want to read the full article, it is here.) Basically, Max outlined what the improvements to the new maps would be, and he touched on the situation of CA. He mentioned that there were several maps that were being considered at the start, but the field was eventually narrowed down to two maps.

First Step: New Halo 2 MapsEdit

Certain Affinity has recently taken a first step toward their future: the design and development of two brand-new maps for Halo 2. Well, not exactly brand-new. One of the maps, Tombstone, is in fact a reincarnation of the popular Halo 1 MP map Hang 'Em High. The other map, Desolation, is the next generation of Halo 1's Derelict: featuring more detail, more symmetry and a cool-looking grav-lift. There's also audio evidence of monkeys.
Beyond the basic geometry and layout of the maps, the only thing that will change significantly is the starting weapon sets and improved connectivity.

In The FutureEdit

Certain Affinity is working on an independent title right now. Little else is known about this project except that it has a very promising team working on it. They also aided in porting Valve's FPS, Left 4 Dead, to the Xbox 360.


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