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Call of Duty Series
CoD Series
Group Overview
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Motto Those who fight twice as hard, fall twice as lightly
Members 162 (as of 09.4.2009)
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Call of Duty Series is a group created by user D00MsDaY 94. The group's focus is the discussion of the games in the Call of Duty­® series. The group is intended as a place for Call of Duty lovers to go without fear of getting facing opposition from fans of games in competition with it. The group is currently's largest group focused on Call of Duty titles, boasting 178 members as of November 25, 2009.


Minor RanksEdit

- K.I.A - User has quit the group- Can't do anything

- Private 1st class - Starting rank- Can submit news, post to forums, create resource entry.

- Sergeant - Active user- Do same thing as PFC

- Gunnery Sergeant - Very active user

Advanced RanksEdit

- Lieutenant - Respected user- Can submit news, approve news, post news directly, post to forums, create any resource entry, edit any resource entry.

- ~_Captain_~ -Trusted user- Can do same thing as Lieutenant

Major/Group Admin RanksEdit

- () Major () - Very trusted user/ Starting Sub-admin- Can temporarily blacklist, submit news, approve news, post news directly, post to forums, moderate forums, edit others posts, delete others posts, create any resource entry, and edit any resource entry.

- _Brigadier General_ - Sub-admin- Can do everything as a Major, plus edit security and edit news.

- ** General ** - Group leader, main admin

Special RanksEdit

++Master Recruiter++ - In charge of Recruiting new members

Informant - Posts news stories, finds Call of Duty information


Promotions are based on forum posts, and activity on the forums


For Regular UsersEdit

-Never create off topic threads

-Stay on topic in threads

-Never insult other users

-Do not advertise groups, except in the designated thread

-Do not bypass the -blam!- (language) filter.

-Do not spam posts or threads

-No links to inappropriate websites

-No threads about individual users (use private messages)

- NEVER ask an admin to give you a promotion, unless in a pm

- If you post a thread asking for a promo, you get a ban

- Anybody with no interest in CoD who spams, or flames will be kicked from the group and banned forever.

For AdminsEdit

-If an admin is found to have banned somebody unreasonably, they will be banned

-No banning another admin, or you will be kicked

Current Group AdminsEdit

D00MsDaY 94 - Leader

Doomsday 2012 - Leader (Alternate account for D00MsDaY 94)

Mr Slippy VI



Sir Nikolai


Call of Duty Series –

Admin Approved

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