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Café is a Private Chapter that was founded on 8.05.2011, and is designed for the discussion of anything that is appropriate. The group rules are based mostly off of the Public Forum Rules, and although they are a little more lenient towards spam, it is stricter in the sense of appropriateness and kind conduct.

Although some of the population is not active, a chunk of it is. Many members of the group post in the forums regularly, and the overall behavior is rather admirable.

Group HistoryEdit

The group, although formally founded in August of 2011, was not actually active until October 5th, 2011. It was then that Raaascal, the group's founder, actually began recruiting members after having allowed the group to remain dormant for a month. The group picked up quickly, gaining over 200 members in 8 days.

The largest thread in the group, the Spam Thread, was created on 10.06.2011 for the purpose of containing spam to one place. Titles are awarded to members who make predetermined milestone posts in the Spam Thread, for example to SH4D0W0733 who made the 1,000th post. As of April 18, 2012, the Spam Thread sits with over 4,500 posts, with a title promotion being offered to the member who makes the 5,000th post.

On April 17, 2012, after the recent Café Ride Along and further recruitment, the 666th member joined the group, with a large number of those members being active.

Group TitlesEdit

The titles used in the group follow the underlying café theme of the group, and are divided into three "classes" as follows:

Rare ClassEdit

  • Java Bean (This title is given to members upon their arrival to the group)
  • Amaretto Brew
  • Butter Toffee Brew

Medium ClassEdit

  • Caramel Nut Brew
  • French Vanilla Brew
  • Hazelnut Brew

Well Done ClassEdit

  • Swiss Almond Brew
  • Toasted Almond Brew


  • Burnt Coffee (This title is given to members who are no longer a part of the group)

Titles are awarded based on activity and contributions made to the group.

As of writing, the group staff consists of:



Community ContributionsEdit

On March 12, 2012, DeeJ and Halcylon rode along with Café. The news story can be found here.


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