Joined on August 28th 2008, He is fairly known within the AoA, mostly for his ability to spell sentences properly unlike his grammatical opposite within the AoA, BEAST 13161821. Known mostly for his childhood stories, humor, quietness over Live, deafness, and infilitration skills, He can be either annoyingly talkactive and won't shut up, or a questionably quiet little idiot.


Nicknames Edit

He is known by the following names within Bnet and the AoA :


-George (currently only BEAST, Dom, and Pablo call him that.)


History on Edit

CLOTHIER joined on August 28th 2008.

After being a silent shadow in the corner of the Bnet forums, BEAST 13161821 finally introduced him to the AoA. (date unconfirmed)

He only likes to lurk around the H3 Forums, The Flood and The Gallery Forum.

Real Life Edit

CLOTHIER, is Currently 14 years old, and lives in London, England. He became deaf with Tubercolosis Meningitis at the age of 3 and lost his hearing. CLOTHIER loves to:

-Take Photography

-Go Mountain Biking

-Do Mil-Sim Paintball

-Play on the Xbox 360, his current favourite games are Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Fifa 09 and Left 4 Dead

-Insult people who can hear.

CLOTHIER was born on 9/11/1994. His real name is George.

USA Army of America Edit

On an unconfirmed date, CLOTHIER joined the AoA Known for it's Repeating Name, It's great leaders, atrocious Spelling and grammar of a few members, and activeness. USA Army of America has now climbed up to 480 members in 90+ days.

Trivia Edit

-CLOTHIER has NEVER been banned from any forum on the Internet.

-Loves to make fun of BEAST's Hamster-on-Helium voice

-Fav Quote: "I'm deaf, love me please."

-Weakness: Big hairy spiders with long legs.

-Bizarrely at 14 years old, you could easily mistake him for having the voice of a 17 year old.

-Currently married to Pablo (ObeyedDragoon), and are now expecting twins.

Groups Edit

-USA Army of America


-United Clans


-Forge Cafe

-Patinum Screenshots

-USSR (Successfully infiltrated but withdrawn from action)

-Epic Pic

-Platinum Screenshots

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