Bungiepedia (the group) is a place for the discussion of Bungiepedia, and anything related. Anyone is allowed to join from contributors, future-contributors and wannabe contributors.

Bungiepedia (Group)
Group Overview
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Admin {{{Admin}}}
Motto All your information belongs to us
Members 23 [As of 14.May.2011]
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Group HistoryEdit

Bungiepedia was created on the 3rd of May 2007 by Gzalzi and SS_Zag1. The group lost activity and now has a new Administrator ARBITOR 5.

Notable MembersEdit

Group TitlesEdit

  • Administrator: Maintains the group and has full control
  • Co - Admin: Maintains the group
  • Member: Normal member
  • NonMember: A member who has quit

Community ContributionsEdit

Bungiepedia (the group) is where ideas and improvements were going to made for Bungipedia.


Bungiepedia Group



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