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Bungiepedia is a completely free Wikia that is created and administered by the Bungie Community and fans. It is a compendium -- in easy-to-use Wikipedia style -- of everything Bungie.

Note that this is not a Halo wiki. This is a Bungie-focused Wikia that allows visitors to find information on Bungie staff/employees,, Bungie Lore (for those of you STILL trying to figure out what a Soffish is), old Bungie games, and a variety of other subjects related to Bungie and its fan community. It is also devoted to provide a vast amount of information about Bungie Studios, creators of popular games such as the Halo Trilogy and the Marathon Trilogy.

Because Bungiepedia is a completely fan-run project, it is both a great resource with hundreds of articles as well as one which needs your help in compiling new content. Please feel free to drop by and browse through articles or create/edit one on a Bungie-related subject you know about.

List of Fansites and partners.

History Edit

Bungiepedia was founded by BL4H00G4N4 on April 3rd, 2007. Since then, it has grown to over 886 articles.

Community Edit

Of course, Blahoo coundn't do this all by himself. It's these guys who have helped make this wiki what it is today. Thanks!

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