The Bungie Weekly Updates are news updates released every Friday, around 6:00 PM PST, by certain staff members of the Bungie Community Team. They are the direct decendant of weekly progress updates given by Matt Soell for the original Halo: Combat Evolved and Oni after Bungie was aquired by Microsoft.

What are they about?Edit

Bungie Weekly Updates are usually about the development of their next project, sneak-peeks, funny things that happened at the office, or any other large events going on that week at Bungie Studios.


Urk is usually the one to write the updates. He was hired specifically for updating the Bungie Blog, writing the weekly updates and doing other non-programming stuff on

Former Writers Edit

Frankie used to write the update but the responsibility was occasionally shifted, either when Frankie was sick, busy, or on leave in a tropical resort, strewn with cleavage-baring native women. When such unfortunate things happen, the duty was usually given to Lukems or SketchFactor, who are arguably just as entertaining.

KPaul, a former contractor at Bungie Studios, used to switch back and forth with Frankie. KPaul wrote many of the updates while he was with Bungie, but since he has left, the responsibility has entirely gone back to being Frankie's.


  • Bungie Weekly Updates used to occasionally have a picture of Mister Chief, drawn by Frankie.

Links Edit, Home of The Bungie Weekly Updates

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