Three hundred and forty-three questions of pure Bungie questioning is what composes the official Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz. Questions about Bungie games, Bungie history, the Bungie community and the Bungie team, as well as some questions about Bungie lore, will abruptly leap forth to test the might of those who claim to be fans.

Bungie Trivia is overseen by the dark, shadowy apparition that is the Bungie Quizmaster. Long has he labored at his formica desk, using his stylus to deliberately scratch questions onto clay tablets in the ancient Bungie cuneiform that is known only to him.

The Quizmaster waits in his mossy, dripping dungeon, biding his time, to fulfill his purpose: to separate the true fans from the general rabble.

The current high score was made by iSystematic with a 64%.

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