About the SurveyEdit


The Bungie Survey logo.

Bungie has a Beta Survey in which Members of can help Bungie make their games better, the introduction to the survey is below:

This is the signup page for our Bungie Beta Testers program. By participating, you will arm us' with insightful information about your game playing habits to help up make our next game even better. You're also putting your name in the hat for a limited chance to learn about and play our next game before anyone else (no promises).

Survey Beta e-mailsEdit

On the 1st of March 2011 the Bungie Survey Beta e-mails were sent out because at first you could only fill in the Survey if you received an e-mail from them. Not everyone got an e-mail, bungie says the e-mails were sent out at random.

Survey ProblemsEdit

At first the Bungie Survey wasn't live therefore many members began to think it was a hoax. The message read as follows:

"Sorry, but the survey Bungie Beta Tester Signup Survey v2 is not currently live, so you cannot take it at this time. Click here to launch the survey. If you believe you received this message in error, please contact the survey administrator:"

The survey had ended up down as so many members all tried to load it, in fact no one actually managed to load the survey. Due to the high traffic flow of users the servers couldn't handle it so Bungie had to take it down. If you tried to open the survey you got a error message. Bungie had a few different versions of the error message which were updated every few hours:

Error Message 1Edit

"Well, you certainly did your worst! We had to kill the survey for the time being. Don't worry, we'll be back and you'll get another chance. If you feel like ranting email:".

Error Message 2Edit

"We have had to suspend the survey for the moment due to technical difficulties. Don't worry, it'll be back soon and you'll get another chance to fill it out. You have not missed anything. If you feel like ranting email:"

Error Message 3Edit

"We have had to suspend the survey for the time being due to technical difficulties. You have not missed anything, and we will contact you again when the survey is back up. Relax, go play some Halo."

Survey liveEdit

In the end the Survey was available to everyone because it was added to Bungie's Website under the Games tab.


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