The Bungie Podcast is, as the name implies, a podcast by Bungie. It was originally hosted by Frank O'Connor, Luke Smith (Lukems), and Brian Jarrard. Later, it was hosted by Eric Osborne flying solo. The Podcast was created to help quench the information-thirst of rabid Bungie fans as well as to provide another way for fans to get the inside scoop of the goings-on inside of Bungie.

There have been 41 episodes of the Bungie Podcast. The last Bungie Podcast was published on January 16, 2014, and it is assumed that podcasts will resume when Bungie's next project is announced.

Theme Song Edit

We're a parody of ourselves.

~ Frank O' Connor on the Podcast theme song

I'd love to see us get sued. That'd be so much fun.

~ Marty O' Donnell on "maybe we really aren't covered by parody."

The original Bungie Podcast had a theme song jingle that was written and composed by Bungie's own Marty O'Donnell. It was a parody of the Flintstones Vitamins jingle, which Marty also composed. Despite some mutterings to the contrary, Marty remains adamant that it is legally covered by parody.

The theme song featured Brian Jarrard, Frank O' Connor and Marty attempting to sing in unison. Courtesy of Jay Weinland, the theme song did feature some use of cowbell, although Marty stepped in during production and ended up snipping much of it out. Everyone agrees, it could use more.

Episodes Edit

For the official list of Bungie podcasts, check out the Bungie Podcast Archive.

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