The Bungie Mail Sack is a weekly Bungie question-and-answer feature on, in which Bungie Community members ask questions of Bungie employees. The Mail Sack was created by DeeJ, who allows questions to be asked via official "Mail Sack" threads which he creates in's Community Forum, typically on Monday mornings. Typically, on the following Friday, some of the questions are answered via a News Article on the front page.

Bungie Mail Sack

Bungie Mail Sack Image

The Mail SacksEdit

So far there have been 15 Mail sacks, all of which are listed here.

Mail Sack 1:Edit

Mail Sack 2:Edit

Mail Sack 3:Edit

Mail Sack 4:Edit

Mail Sack 5:Edit

Mail Sack 6:Edit

Mail Sack 6.1:Edit

Mail Sack 7:Edit

Mail Sack 8:Edit

Mail Sack 9:Edit

Mail Sack 10:Edit

Mail Sack 11:Edit

Mail Sack 12:Edit

Mail Sack 13:Edit

Mail Sack 14:Edit

Mail Sack 18:Edit

Mail Sack 19 Ninja Edition:Edit

Mail Sack 20:Edit

Mail Sack 21:Edit

Competitions and PrizesEdit

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In mail sack 7 DeeJ decided to give out some prizes. So far only t-shirtswith several designs have been won. Some of these have been signed by DeeJ himself.

MS 3 Competition:Edit

Members had to name the employees in this picture.


  • zoobkillerninja's signed shirt
  • The signature close up

MS 4 Competition:Edit

Members had to.. ?


MS 7 Competition:Edit

  • Halo biggest fan's t-shirt
  • Halo biggest fan's submission
  • Carolina's submission
  • jyrine's plagiarized submission (original image credit to Robert Kopczynski)
  • Remorazz's submission
  • T1B3R7uMB0YXVI's submission
In this challenge members had to "draw themselves out of a paper bag." This Mail Sack challenge was notable because jyrine, who was initially named a winner of the challenge, was later revealed to have submitted a plagiarized entry, created by another artist several years ago. He quickly admitted it was a misunderstanding of humour, and as per DeeJ's suggestion, made light of the incident. The winners thread, including jyrine's admission of plagiarism, can be found here.


MS 8 Competition:Edit

  • spatain ken 15's winning submission

To win this challenge members had to add a caption on a picture of a cake which was of Master Chiefs head/helmet. The submissions were posted in this thread, after which DeeJ picked out 7 and created a poll (which can be found here) for the community to vote for the best caption.


MS 9 Competition:Edit

This challenege was to post the title of the picture that reminds Alex of life at Bungie.

  • Winner: the squee masta

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