Bungie Jumpers
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Motto "Problem with that Josh is that by being myself I'll just come off as a grumpy, loud-mouthed, abnormal, hοm­οsex­uаl. Who can't deal with change." - Jeff McRae
Members 82 (As of 04.27.11)
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The jumpers is one of the oldest active groups, founded by GameJunkieJim and Josher 35. While it has a high member count, it has a low count of actually active users. However, it is generally a place for intelligent discussion. In GameJunkieJim's absence, The Jumpers is currently run by Shai Hulud, Josher 35, and MCsBrother.


Bungie Jumpers has, in the past, been associated with the culture of elitism within as many new Forum Ninjas have been active members within Bungie Jumpers. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, new moderators have not always been active members of the public forums, giving rise to accusations that moderators are being selected and promoted by their friendships with the current moderator team, rather than their actual merit as a member of the "public" community.

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