The BNetDF was a short active Troll Defence group in early to mid 2011 founded by sgtpickle777 . It came during the time of the animal trolls, some being Filthy Frog and Grimy Goat, and tried to find a dispute in the Catalyst-WAY war. It is now classified as a dead group but with all its members still intact.

Notable MembersEdit

Many have given it there all in the fight against trolls. Some, even too much. Here they are honored.

sebaman3333333: Silver Star, posthumous. -led first strike against "Grimy Goat 2"

gigaguy777: Silver Star, posthumous. -led first strike against "Grimy Goat"

CanadaRULES1765: Bronze Star, posthumous. -fought bravely against "Omnipotent Otter" -posted to defend sgtpickle777(me) against a ban

DRAGON LORDX 83: Bronze Star. -fought against "Omnipotent Otter"

ryanw96: Bronze Star. -fought against "Omnipotent Otter"

Will1594: Bronze Star. -fought against "Omnipotent Otter"

The_Arbiter: Bronze Star. -has gained additional information on "Omnipotent Otter" by working on the inside.

TheHarvestPeach: Bronze Star. -started topic in which we defeated "Omnipotent Otter" on the field of battle.

sgtpickle777: Hijack Medal.(awarded by TheHarvestPeach) -hijacked Peach's thread, turning it into an antitroll thread.

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