Brian Walker is a member of He first joined the site April 29, 2006. He has several enemies, most notably FlameSama1 and The art of Halo2. careerEdit

The Human AllianceEdit

One of the first groups BW joined was The Human Alliance. He was very active and was promoted to the position of a leader as a result. In early 2007 it was revealed that the founder, Dogbert14 was orchestrating the S/E war, a massive group war. Though BW appeared to forgive Dogbert, he told WhiffleBallTony, a leader of HA, that he was planning to destroy HA, not knowing that Whiffle had already forgiven Dogbert. Whiffle told Dogbert and BW was booted from HA.

Imperial CenterEdit

BW joined Imperial Center and due to him knowing the founder, Iamthey, he was promoted to the position of a leader. A few months after the S/E war ended and he was booted from HA, he and Dogbert began to correspond again but he was not allowed back into HA.

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