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Bornswavia, the current second-in-command of the group Spartans Alliance, has been a regular chapter participant for some time, bringing his two cents into groups such as Seventh Column Troopers, Ivory Tower, The Inner Circle, and, of course, Spartans Alliance.

History on Bungie.netEdit

(Please note: this article was rewritten from Bornswavia's own words. Any and all imprecations, condemnations, death threats, and other offenses resulting from it are to be directed at him only.)

October, 2006Edit

After showing Bornswavia the first Halo 3 ad, his friend told him to make a profile. Bornswavia followed suit. Seeing as was the first forum he had ever been to, he was confused and remembers thinking "What the heck is this?!". He himself stated that he was very naive on the internet. Nevertheless, he continued to prowl the forums, learning something new every day.

It was not until a month later that he actually joined, 11/14/2006. For a while, he did not do much--he looked at the forums and occasionally posted. In very late January, he received his first PM: he was being asked to join a group.

" I did. I can't recall the name, though. But I thought they were awesome. The fact that one could control a forum, and give powers and ranks and modify the group seemed neat to me; I couldn't wait to make my own.

February 7th, 2007Edit

On this day, Bornswavia created his own group, Fuzzy Lobsters. The name stems from an old Halo 2 clan that he and his friend had made. He was Overlord, of course.

As soon as he completed the work on the theme, ranks, motto, et cetera; he sent out five PM's. Only three of the five recipients joined:

  • D4RKSP4RT4N: He turned out to be a good and helpful member who wanted to help the group.
  • Spartan Master 1: A very helpful and trustworthy member, as well as a great friend, who stuck with the group.
  • alexgators1: He did not post much at first, but Bornswavia did not know that he would lead him to the greatest find on Bungie.

They became instant mods. Fuzzy Lobsters was on its way.

Sadly, the group never got past 38 members. They were active for a number of months, but by November, everything was dead. Bornswavia tried to revive it, but he was unsuccessful.

RIP: Fuzzy Lobsters; 2/7/07 - 12/28/07

Going back several months, during the prime of Fuzzy Lobsters' life, alexgators1 invited Bornswavia to join Spartans Alliance. He joined in about March or April, when Spartans Alliance had 100 members or so. He found it to be an interesting group, especially the leader, TOM T 117.

"All I knew was that he was a crazy Brit that played Halo. He was easy to pick on... It became a habit a few months in..."

Bornswavia's list of reasons that SA was cool: cool people, cool threads, lame leader, cool idea, and good potential as a group.

June 1st-30th, 2007Edit

By this point, Bornswavia was very familiar with It was like a second home to him. He became good friends with Tom, and he (Tom) got used to the verbal abuse. Bornswavia was well-known on the forum and had the very rarely-used role of Spartan Major--the only other person with the role was alexgators1.

Alas, his high rank was due to the fact that he cheated in the Count Game.

"No one known this, until now. But yes, I did. And I am proud of it. ( 3 wins!!) I guess since Tom can't do anything to me know...well he can, but wont...I might as well tell the truth."

Late in June, the Spartans Alliance War started. Bornswavia did not approve. However, he is sad that he missed the 13-page spam attack on Earths Battlefield because he was in Texas. Once peace was made, he lost interest. That is why he only found out in early '08 how Frontline Earth was created and Earths Battlefield died.

December 25th, 2007Edit

"Yes, Christmas of 2007. This day was awesome, not just because it was Christmas but because Spartans Alliance had the best thing ever to happen to them happen! I was appointed by Tom, Second in Command of Spartans Alliance. It was a cool day..."

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