This person is a former Bungie Employee

Bob O'Donnell is an actor and voice actor for video games.

180px-Halo2 Credits

O'Donnell's Halo 2 Credit

He has worked on only a few films and video games, most notably voicing Dr. Kerr in the Bungie Studios video game Oni and the Drunken Dwarf in Myth. He also did a bit part in Halo 2, voicing the single line spoken by the Prophet of Objection in the opening cinematic of the game.


  • O'Donnell's part as the Prophet of Objection was not acknowledged in the Credits of the original release of Halo 2. This was rectified when Halo 2 Vista was released, finally recognizing O'Donnell for his part in the end credits.
  • Bob O'Donnell is Marty O'Donnell's father.

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