Bobinson's HistoryEdit

As said himself: The origins of Bobinson... first let's start out where I got this alias. Many years ago, back in grade school, I began writing to my history teacher under the name Bob Bobinson. What I wrote to him was basically what I write to Deus_Ex_Machina and bobik nowadays (how I want to marry him, sleep with his pajamas on, and caress his sofa).

Bobinson is an Admin in Seventh Column Troopers, founder of SSMPPQMS(an officer's club, basically), and an all around evil robot. All that really means is that it's up to us other SSMPPQMS members to keep him in check.

Bob's state of mind fluctuates wildly depending on his mood and the tone of the people around him. For example, if people around him are having a serious discussion about something that doesn't pertain to him, he will turn the topic to something less serious. If the important topic has something to do with the future of the Seventh Column Troopers, he will often make a demand and leave it at that. However, if everyone around him is just goofing around, Bobinson will enforce his image by posting questionably sane ramblings.

Bobinson's postings imply some kind of relationship to bobik, Deus Ex Machina, and Manafontman. Of these, only bobik plays along with him.

Bobinson's Halo HistoryEdit

Once again, as said himself: I played it back 2001. I instantly got hooked. I really do like video games.

Bobinson's FutureEdit

Bobinson one day wishes to rule the world with his army of government-funded cyborgs; Bobinson is one of them. He already has a foothold in France, and dreams of using the puppet government in some sort of creative scheme to facilitate his world takeover.

Bobinson's Random RamblingsEdit

Bob is commonly known for his very random psychobabble, such as these little tidbits:

  • This is a list about how to be me, and some other random stuff about my life.
  • Firstly, an acronym for Bob Bobinson is Huge Ego, Sorry. Do the math kids. Stay in school.
  • Also, take the blue pill. Trust me.
  • Before I forget- don't write an IOU to a mercenary unless you like bullets in your ass.
  • You can get A's now in school, but when you get into college, F's will be your friend.
  • Right way is left, and men on the right are -blam!-.
  • The wheels on the rotormobile are deadly. Keep clear.
  • Be kind, please rewind.
  • The girl of your dreams is the one hanging out in the coffee shop in the city center. She will be your first wife. Hold RB to pick up girl.
  • You know what you guys remind me of with your cheap tricks and your fancy hats? A Bungie member who plays to much.
  • Get a life.
  • Put the hacky in the sacky.
  • 2+2=5, but if I told you now, I can float.
  • I leave you with this: Ecstasy is a dangerous drug.

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