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The user on this page is a Forum Ninja, for details on 'Ninjas' and for an official FAQ click here.
Mod BobBQ
Ninja Overview
UserName BobBQ
Current Title Forum Nina
Member Since 8.June.2003
Ninja Since 2006
Group Count 2
XL Gamertag Unknow
Profile Link!page=index&mid=2571
Mod BobBQ

BobBQ's current avatar.


BobBQ's old avatar.


With an arsenal of over three-hundred rifles, pistols, and various prototype high-caliber weaponry, BobBQ (or Robert B. Quinlan, as he likes to call himself) is definitely one of the more lethal Forum Ninjas. BobBQ is a fan of the occasional round of "Skeet Shooting", as his friend Skeet is not only a fast runner, he also recovers quickly from injuries.

Other than his extensive knowledge of guns and hatred of The Flood Forum, little is known about this Forum Ninja. He claims to like tomboys and aspires to replace Shishka as BNet's resident Cranky SOB. He goes bowling with Zag1 every Thursday and, together with Just Another Fan, is one of only two people in the world to have survived a confrontation with Chuck Norris.

BobBQ has been a member of since 6/8/2003. In July of 2006, he was appointed to Forum Ninja.

Appearance in Pimps at Sea RPGEdit

In the Pimps at Sea RPG game, BobBQ takes all of the player's hos, causing outrage from several members. GameJunkieJim exclaimed, "YOU STOLE THEM YOU STOLER!!!" Fortunately, BobBQ was able to escape Jim's rage, and continues to live on to this day. Bob still claims that "[he] could've taken Jim out with the Strayer-Tripp."


It is common knowledge among the Forum Ninja that BobBQ is the worst swordsman in HFCS, being especially prone to stabbing himself in the foot and slicing off his sparring partners' sleeves.

Bob is also in possession of the SIG-Sauer SG-730 Bancannon previously owned by Shishka. This weapon was long little more than a paperweight, however, as the arming key had disappeared shortly after Shishka's move to Certain Affinity. Nobody dared look for it, out of fear that Bob would slaughter anyone who found it before him. Shishka finally revealed the key's location when Bob returned from his 2007 summer vacation, allowing this fearsome chunk of steel and titanium to be returned to service.



BobBQ's Bungie Profile.

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