The Blue Mans Group (or BMG) is a private group founded by ALI217 and lead by Commander GX on the 7th of August 2012. Although the group's presence and references have been mentioned in the septagon before only the group members know its actual purpose and function making it just as secret, if not more so than HFCS.

Blue Mans Group
Group Overview
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Motto Better dead than red
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623 fat-goth-gangster

im am b0red in his full glory.

While ALI217 runs the business the groups natural leader is Commander GX who coordinates infrequent attacks on the septagon to de-rail threads while evading the forum ninjas. It is a well-known fact that "reds" run like headless chickens when the BMG plays on the field. To-date no team has ever won against a BMG death squad in BTB or Team Slayer.

For the Community Carnage event on halo : reach (Friday, 10th of August) more than 50% of the members of blue team represented BMG with a loyal spy implanted into red team. BMG went on to pown the red team.

St3althsniper22 is the only member of BMG who is allowed to not represent the blue coloring duting a MatchMaking game. Everyone else must use a variant of the color blue while on line.

im am b0red is known for bringing sexy back to BMG.

It was a glorious Sunday when the once thought myth named Brusah joined Blue mans group. Some members were shocked, most were afraid - ALI217 was excluded from this list- . Brusah did many great deeds in the first 24 hours of arrival, including editing poorly written threads, badmouthing Commander GX and helping Blue Mans Group's members' mothers with 'chores' around the house.

On the 12th of August, in the year 2012, a great battle was fought in the battlegrounds of BMG. After being trolled by Sir Douche Zoobkillerninja, Sir im am b0red of the Future Mythix Society was sent by ALI217 to combat this evil and so gained moderation powers of his own, granted to him by the majesty of ALI217.

From that point on Sir Douche Zoobkillerninja was raped violently by an onslaught of edited post. In the final hours of the day, Sir Douche Zoobkillerninja laid down his sword and surrendered to Sir im am b0red.

It is also Scuba Ken Approved

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