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Banned for posting HERE is a chapter on It was created by jdp1995 at 9/25/2010. It was created on behalf of "Alt coding" which can pass the -Blam!- Filter, and make a topic with no title or body.

One of their head admins, Comrade Napoleon, is an overall badass who has unprotected sex with Romanian prostitutes and doesn't afraid of anything. While on the other hand, The Con Artist is an overall cocksucker who masturbates while watching Jersey Shore, because he touches himself at night.


At 09.25.2010 5:11 PM PDT, A member named JVanik created a thread on the


The group in it's early stages

Flood forum with no body or title, which caused a riot for fellow floodians making them spam and feel special. At 09.25.2010 6:46 PM PDT, the topic was finally locked after 11 pages and 266 replies. Thus, many people where banned, some not as long as others.

Group administratorsEdit

Administrators are named "Real men of genius" in banned for posting HERE.

List of administrators:Edit

  • The Con Artist
  • tacosaladman


  • One day after the "Blank Thread" was created, Two more where created, One was made by owen harris, which got 2 replies before getting locked, and another by steelpelican, which got 25 replies before getting locked.

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