Atlas is the Official Bungie Group for Community Forge Variant Submissions for Halo 3 Matchmaking it exists to test out user content, and generally give back feedback, and see if anything can be placed into Matchmaking play lists.

Group Overview
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Motto Hic sunt dracones.
Members 4254 (As of 04.27.11)
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Group HistoryEdit

Atlas was founded on the 8.29.2008 by Shishka.

Notable MembersEdit

Shishka - Founder

Group TitlesEdit

  • Administrator - In charge of the group
  • Crayon Cartographer - Normal Member status.
  • NonMember - A member who has quit

Community ContributionsEdit

Atlas has helped members maps get into the Halo 3 playlists.


Link to Atlas's Home Page

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