Anelf3's Halo 2 emblem, and also his avatar on


Anelf3 circa February 2004, shortly after joining and The Marty Army.

This boy needs some love. And a haircut.

~ SS_Zag1 on Anelf3

Real Life Edit

Born: September 22, 1986 - San Francisco, California Life Edit

Although slavery was abolished in the United States in 1863, Anelf3 is still under the command of Marty O'Donnell, cringing at every crack of the whip, and always begging forgiveness for spilling coffee on Marty's sheet music. However, he proudly states that the benefits are well worth the multiple lashings. What, exactly, those benefits are, is unknown. What is known, however, is that Anelf has hair the likes of which that have never been seen upon the Earth, although it is currently much tamer than it used to be (see picture for the latter).

Anelf is overlord of The Marty Army Clan, a veteran member of The Marty Army and is a composer at The Marty Army Music.


  • Joined and The Marty Army on 1/19/04.
  • Lives in Sonoma County, which is also where Joseph Staten was harvested from the vineyards of.
  • Has been playing the piano since age 8.
  • Is currently taking music theory classes at Santa Rosa Junior College.
  • Is a huge fan (musically) of Marty O'Donnell and Jerry Goldsmith.
  • Got his student pilot certificate the day he turned 16 (the minimum age) and has been working on getting the full private pilot license for a total of five years now (thanks to alot of procrastination and on-and-off dedication to it).

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