General Edit

All The Players (ATP) is a Forum Mentor. He first joined on December 19th 2010 for Halo: Reach statistics.

All the players

ATP's current avatar

- 2015 - Edit

#DestinyMOTW Edit

All The Players won #DestinyMOTW in the Bungie Weekly Update on April 23rd, 2015. His video, which featured the completion of 10 Bounties with 1 Throwing Knife, took about three weeks time to complete due to Eris not selling the "One of Us" bounty. He even created a Reddit Post with links to the list of bounties, and the strategy he used to complete the feat.

The Welcoming Committee Edit

All The Players joined the Welcoming Committee to become a Forum Mentor on August 11th, 2015 along with Unholy.

Groups Edit

Welcoming Committee | Community Carnage | Art and Stuff | BungieNetPlatform | DestinyTracker

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