Real LifeEdit

  • Name: Todd
  • Age: 25
  • City: Ida, Michigan
  • College or University: University of Toledo
  • Major: Undergrad: Mathematics and Education
  • Real Job: Welder
  • Dreams and aspirations: Catch the biggest pike ever.
  • Favorite use of the number 7:

Agent Diddy's favorite games are the Halo series. Occasionally he can be found playing COD.

Agent Diddy's dream date would be to take out his wife to an MLG tournament. Once there they would watch some noob ownage and drive away in a Pontiac GT. They would go a restaurant he would order thick medium rare T bone and drink it with a Bud Light. LifeEdit

Agent Diddy joined as on 3/20/2007.

Agent Diddy can be found on almost every day. He spends most of his time in the on the Halo 3, the Optimatch, and Flood forums.

He is best known as the "Double Head Shot Guy" because of several community montages he made featuring various community members' double head shots with the sniper. Community Double Head Shot Montage


  • Is married.
  • Is earning a teaching and mathematics degree.
  • Shares a set of parents with Bobcast


Agent Diddy



Agent Diddy's Profile

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