Personality Edit

Aerokinesis (usually just called Aero) is widely recognized on the Flood forum of Though he rarely points it out, Aero is very arrogant, which is facilitated by an IQ of 154, and the ability to easily outsmart his teachers.

Join Date and Forum History Edit

Aero joined on November 14, 2008, although he has been on since 2004 under various names. The Flood usually occupies him, only straying into the Halo 3 Forum when deathly bored.

Aero's profile

Recognizability Edit

Aero is one of the Flood's staple members, one of those that never push the idea of being some sort of messiah, but just frequently posts. Along with Harlow, Cortana, and Gamerz, Aero is one of the most recognized members on the Flood.

Gamertag Edit

Aero's gamertag is Aerokinetic, and he will never change it.

Alts Edit

Aero has several alts; the only one known at this time is tryhrthy.

Aero in Real Life Edit

Aero is a 16 year old male.

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