Founded by dazarobbo and SolarNICHOLAS, ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) is a chapter created primarily for Australians and New Zealanders to discuss all things gaming.

ANZAC was founded on 4/23/08, just two days before ANZAC Day celebrated in Australia and New Zealand.

Motto Edit

Lest We Forget...

Description Edit

A gathering spot for Australians and New Zealanders, but of course, anyone and everyone is more than welcome.
: )

Member Titles Edit

Titles can be gained through activity, good behaviour and length of time as a member.

Recruit - The basic title; it cannot go any lower than this. Assigned to members who have been recently approved.
Major - Some forum activity.
Colonel - More activity than Major, less than General.
General - Highest attainable title according to forum activity.

Crisp Critic - Hosts forum/game contests.
Droppin' Blogs - News Guy
Medic - Moderator.
: ) - Admin team.

The current admins are dazarobbo and SolarNICHOLAS. The current moderator is BadBall3r47 and talon2000.


  • dazarobbo
  • solarNICHOLAS
  • BadBall3r47
  • Blademaster117
  • Gizola
  • JMO 137
  • Chris 047
  • Kristov
  • talon2000
  • Nookani
  • Robobeast
  • ElWonAte
  • Erbsanator
  • Skitzy Au
  • ozzi guy
  • Disparil
  • random no337
  • Chupanbre
  • Sentry33
  • Nerd Boi
  • SnazzyRedy

Group Homepage Edit


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